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Mike Pero Foundation

The Mike Pero Foundation is a charitable organisation, which was set up as a way for everyone within Mike Pero Real Estate to give back to the communities in which they work and live in.

Raising over $500,000 since it was established in 2014 the foundation assists everyday people who just need that little bit extra to help with day to day living, or those who do not qualify for government assistance or who may not be considered for a grant elsewhere.

The Foundation especially wishes to make a difference to those whose lives have been effected by a medical condition/s, both young and old.

The Foundation’s motto is “With a little help from a friend” – as we believe that sometimes it’s the smallest of gestures which can make the biggest impact on the lives of others.

We feel honored and proud to have been able to make a difference to so many New Zealander’s lives and we are committed to growing the Foundation further so that we can continue to help those who “need a little help from a friend”.

The Mike Pero Foundation has helped deserving New Zealanders by raising over
What we do

The Mike Pero Foundation was established in 2014 and has two trustees Aaron Skilton and Aleisha Withers.

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Who We Support

We will consider all activities that assist and support those who are in need within our local communities.


How to Apply

To apply for a donation or to request support, click here to fill in the Mike Pero Real Estate Foundation application form.

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