The team at Mike Pero Real Estate raised $20,000+ for Te Rangatahi Tumanako.

“At our company meetings we had the most amazing and inspirational speaker that I can recall. Reon Nolan was one of New Zealand’s hardened criminals. He first went to jail as a young teenager. He spent a total of 18 years in institutions and jail. He was beaten, abused, involved in drugs and the very worst of crimes both in and out of jail.

Today Reon is one of the few that has been able to break the cycle. He is a highly accomplished cyclist and he spends most of his time now converting other young people from lives of crime into good members of the community. His personal mission is to provide food, shelter, clothing, love and care for those that come out of prison, often at his own expense and to make them proud members of the community. We now understand the vicious cycle that has created the problems. Main message being these offenders are not all bad people they are just people doing bad things. Sadly the majority have been brought into a life of crime, drugs and abuse -they know nothing more.

I am proud to say within two hours we (the team at Mike Pero Real Estate) were collectively able to rally around and raise more than $20,000 in the space of two 50 minute sessions from digging deep into their own pockets. This money is going into Reon’s Trust – Te Rangatahi Tumanako and will help go towards his efforts to reduce crime and save lives.

At Mike Pero Real Estate we all wish Reon Nolan continued success at making New Zealand a better place.”

Mike Pero
CEO, Mike Pero Real Estate