Save up to $1,500 on marketing, when you list and sell with Jon Standbrook in 2024.

  1. This promotion (Promotion) is conducted in New Zealand by Jon Standbrook of Mike Pero Real Estate Wellsford (Promoter).
  2. This promotion is only available via Jon Standbrook at the Mike Pero Real Estate Wellsford franchise.
  3. This promotion begins at 9:00am on Monday 29 January, 2024 and completes at 5:00pm on Friday 1 March 2024 (NZST) (Promotion Period).
  4. The Promoter is offering a marketing discount of up to $1,500 NZD (Marketing Discount) to Eligible Recipients.
  5. To be an Eligible Recipient for the Marketing Discount, the property owner/s must:
    1. list and sell their property with the Promoter within the Promotion Period; and
    2. agree to market the property in accordance with the Promoter’s agency agreement; and
    3. agree to a minimum total marketing spend of $1,300 NZD (Marketing Spend).
  6. If any of the above eligibility conditions in clause 5 are not satisfied, then the property owner will not qualify for the Marketing Discount and is liable for the full cost of the Marketing Discount.
  7. The Promoter will honour the Marketing Discount for an Eligible Recipient to an amount equal to the Marketing Spend, capped at $1,500 NZD. If the Vendor agrees to a Marketing Spend of $1,300, then the Promoter will discount this amount. The Promoter will not pay the Eligible Recipient any unused portion of the Marketing Discount.
  8. If the Vendor withdraws the listing with the Promoter prior to the expiry of the agency agreement, or if the property does not sell and the Vendor does not renew the agency agreement with the Promoter during the Promotion Period, the Vendor will be liable for the full cost of the marketing.
  9. For further information relating to this Promotion please contact Jon Standbrook of Mike Pero Real Estate Wellsford on or 021 145 1738.